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For most drivers, they have auto insurance that covers the minimums that have been set for their state. Having this minimum coverage is a basic level of protection, but it does not cover many different eventualities that you may face if you are involved in an accident or other event. The General Auto Insurance is known for offering insurance to those who have driving violations, have a record of accidents or a less than perfect credit record.

The General Auto Insurance Policies

The General Auto Insurance is a well-advertised company that offers insurance to those who may not be able to get it through other companies or who would have to pay exorbitant prices to get it. The General offers payment plans, discounted premiums, and other offerings that make it a great option for many different types of clients.

The General Auto Insurance Potential Discounts

Their premiums are thought to be discounted, but they offer the basic discounts that are found with most insurance companies, including multi-car, etc.

The General Auto Insurance Customer Service

Communication seems to be a big issue. As most of their business is done online, finding a sure answer from a customer service professional may be difficult to find. However, if you have issues getting insurance through regular sources, The General may be the right choice for you and your needs.

The General Auto Insurance History

Auto insurance was first sold through Permanent General Agency in 1963. They changed the name to what we know as The General Insurance in 1997 and have changed with the times to offer mobile apps and more to meet the needs of their clients. In 2013, The General welcomed its newest owner, American Family Insurance.

Why Should I Choose The General Auto Insurance?

With The General, they offer insurance for those who may have previously been unable to qualify for insurance. From those who have driving violations, multiple accidents, and other issues, it may be difficult to get insurance to meet the state’s minimum coverage, but with The General, even these clients can get affordable insurance.


  • Cheaper rates for those with imperfect driving records
  • Easy to qualify for insurance even if you have driving violations and more


  • Customer service representatives are not as helpful as some would like
  • Premiums are inconsistently priced
  • Claims and billing issues
  • Policy cancellations without explanation
  • Higher rates for those with good driving records

With The General, those who have previously been denied for insurance are finding a budget-friendly way to meet their state’s insurance requirement to protect themselves against the issues that can occur due to not having proper coverage.


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