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The right automobile insurance company is essential to be sure that you are paying a fair price and that you can get full benefits. AAA or American Automobile Association is one such insurance company that has long been known for their roadside assistance plans and, in the beginning, for their dedication to ensuring that the roads were safe. Their automobile insurance is just as relevant to us today as their other focuses have been over the years.

AAA Auto Insurance Policies

AAA's auto insurance policies are customized to the needs of their customers. Whether you are just starting out or have been driving for decades, AAA has a policy that will allow you to meet your state's minimum coverage, as well as taking care of other specialized needs that you may have.

AAA Potential Discounts

Just as with other insurance companies, AAA offers discounts to help bring the premiums down even more. Some of the most common discounts include:

  • AAA membership discount
  • Multiple-product or multiple policy discount
  • Anti-theft discount for vehicles
  • Good driver and students discounts
  • Pay in full discount

AAA Auto Insurance History

In 1902, nine auto insurance clubs came together to create the American Automotive Association. This club was first formed to push for better roads for automobiles, as the roads had been created for the horse and buggy initially. In 1915, they saw a need for some sort of roadside repair and the typical AAA that most people know of was created. They moved from this to the many insurance products that are offered today.

Why Should I Choose AAA Auto Insurance?

AAA Auto Insurance is one of the most well-known names, and this is largely due to their wide variety of discounts that they offer travelers and the roadside assistance program that they offer. These two things are some of the most noticeable pros to AAA Auto Insurance, but there are others as well:


  • Offers a variety of extras, including roadside assistance, rental car coverage, personal injury protection coverage and more.
  • Multiple membership discounts
  • AM Best Rating of A+ Superior


  • If you want bare bones coverage, AAA may not be the right choice
  • Travel discounts may not be enough savings to cover the cost of AAA

Whether you are young or old, own multiple cars or just one, AAA may be a choice that you want to consider, especially if you want extras. Save money on travel and cover your car with AAA.


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