Auto Insurance Providers

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Finding the best auto insurance providers for your needs can be difficult. Whether you're looking for the cheapest premiums, the best customer service, or just great basic coverage, CheapInsurance has you covered.

Here is the list

  • AAA

    The right automobile insurance company is essential to be sure that you are paying a fair price and that you can get full benefits. *AAA* or American Automobile Association is one such insurance company that has long been known for their roadside assistance... Read more

  • Allstate

    Most states have a minimum level of insurance that they require car drivers to have. This minimum insurance is not for the driver. However, it is for anyone that you may be in an accident with.... Read more

  • Esurance

    Esurance is known for their state of the art technology and website. Their insurance backing by Allstate assures their customers that they have the backing that they need to get the coverage they need... Read more

  • Farmers

    Automobile insurance is not just a suggestion; it is a law. While there is this law that governs the basic foundations of auto insurance, it is not as easy as a “one size fits all” type of policy. That... Read more

  • Geico

    GEICO Insurance is known for their commercials, which are unique and fun to watch. Their gecko friend has been found traveling around the world telling others about their offerings. From car insurance, to motorcycle insurance, to homeowners insurance and more... Read more

  • Liberty Mutual

    Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that has been around for a long time. They offer a variety of insurance policies, from home insurance to life insurance to auto insurance. Their focus is on creating... Read more

  • Mercury

    Car insurance is not really about how you drive, but how the others on the road drive. While you may drive very well, this is not the case for everyone else with whom you share the road, and this responsibility... Read more

  • Nationwide

    Nationwide Insurance claims “to put members first”, but is it a company that you should consider for your auto insurance? By evaluating their policies, discounts, and customer service, you... Read more

  • State Farm

    The largest insurer in United States - and also a major player in Canada - State Farm has been selling policies since 1922. The Illinois based company now provides coverage not only for cars, but for recreational vehicles... Read more

  • The General

    For most drivers, they have auto insurance that covers the minimums that have been set for their state. Having this minimum coverage is a basic level of protection, but it does not cover... Read more

  • Travelers

    Travelers Insurance has a 150-year history, and this longevity is what many people are looking for in their insurance company. They are known for offering the first hybrid car discount... Read more

  • USAA

    USAA or United States Automobile Association is an insurance company that offers many different varieties of insurance products, including auto insurance... Read more